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Ignite  students have decided to connect with a child through Compassion International.  (Compassion International is a Christian child sponsorship organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty around the world.  For more information go to 
Ignite  will collect free-will offerings each Sunday during our worship time together.  This is not mandatory, but from the heart of each student.  This offering will provide the monthly $38.00 cost to sponsor our assigned child and to help others we can reach out to locally. 

.......and Compassion Bag Sharing

Join us Friday, August 18th from 4:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.  (We will stop for food prior to driving up to the Restoration Church.)
Ignite will partner with Restoration Church (Curtis Bay, Baltimore) for a Neighborhood Prayer Walk & Compassion Bag (grocery bags filled with basic tolietry and food items) sharing with residents in the community.                               Items needed include:
toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, body wash wipes, deodorant, clean socks, fresh fruit, healthy snacks (granola bars, drinkable applesauce packs, etc.)  All items should be turned in to the Ignite class prior to this event or brought with you on Friday, August 18th.

In his book Following Jesus, the great British theologian N.T. Wright says this: “The longer you look at Jesus, the more you will want to serve him. That is, of course, if it’s the real Jesus you’re looking at.” Wright is saying that it’s very possible for us to miss the “real” Jesus—the Jesus described by the Bible who is wholly unlike any man who ever lived because he is both man and God. The real Jesus is magnetic, because he is far more fierce, unpredictable, and amazing than our casual and overly broad descriptions of him.

This six-week exploration is an adventure into the heart of Jesus.  All of us need more of Jesus, whether or not we recognize the focus of our need. 

The overarching question embedded in this series is one that Jesus asked his disciples after feeding thousands of people (Luke 9:12-20): “Who do you say I am?” The simple mission: Spend six weeks exploring an answer to that question—with our heads, certainly, but also with our hearts. 

July 23:  Jesus and His Parables                                                       (Matt. 13:10-13)  

July 30: Jesus and His Best Friends                                              (John 7:37-38)

Aug. 6: Jesus and His True Mission                                           (John 7:1-6)

Aug. 13: Jesus and the Supernatural                                           (Matt. 8:23-27)

Aug. 20: Jesus, the Slaughtered Lamb                                         (Isaiah 53:7-8)

Ignite Worship: Jesus Centered Life 

​Meet Hadija!  

Hadija is Ignite's Compassion International sponsored child.  

​She is 5 years old and lives in Tanzania.  

Ignite students are encouraged to share God's love with Hadija by sharing letters with her and to experience God's love through the letters she sends to us.


Youth meet every           Sunday at         11:00 am! 

Cathy Plunkett
Director of Student Ministries

(410) 695-0688 (H) 
(240) 350-1223 (C)

To lead students into a growing and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

All students will develop a faith of their own that stays strong through their coming journey.

• We believe that a personal relationship with Jesus is the only way by which man can be saved
• Developing personal faith will strengthen students for current and future trials
• Developing personal faith will move students to impact and influence the world around them

• Connect the world of students to the world view of Jesus
• Provide relevant, topical talks for students to chew on
• Create extraordinary small group environments led by exceptional leaders, allowing for life-giving discussions that lead to the self discovery of God’s truth and wisdom
• Cultivate deep relationships with students, allowing them to know they are loved and cared for.
• Develop outreach opportunities for students through local and nationwide missions, allowing them to grow in responsibility and leadership

Value Statements:
We are a community based on faith, love, unity, honesty, trust, and open communication.
We want to partner with parents and set the ball on a tee for them. Parents are the primary spiritual guides for the student.

Thank you for taking an interest in further understanding the heartbeat of our ministry. We desire that students grow a faith that will serve as an anchor of stability as they move into adulthood. Furthermore, we desire to lead students into a secure identity of who they are in Christ. We believe that people ultimately live out of who they are, not what they are. Therefore, we strive to impress upon the students that God unconditionally loves them. And it is through that love that we are to love others.

Ignite Student Ministry 


Want to go to the Bonfire and Corn Maze for FREE?   Any Ignite student who volunteers all 5 night at  VBS will be eligible to go to FREE to Cedar Hill Farm!    

See Emily Houchens to sign-up and help out at VBS.  The dates are Sunday, August 13 through Thursday, August 18, 5:30pm-8:00pm each day. 


We care about what you're thinking and would like to offer the opportunity for you to share those thoughts!     

 River Valley Ranch, a Christian camp in Carroll County, will begin hosting  youth conferences beginning in September 2017.  If you are a middle school student (grades 6-8) and are intrested in attending the middle school conference scheduled for September 2017 please RSVP to Cathy ASAP! 

On Saturday, September 23 2017 from 12:00pm to 7:30pm, Ignite will join other area teens at the closest location (TBA) for a one day confernce to bring Christ to their communities through service and gospel conversations, and spark a movement within youth ministry and within the Church at large.  THIS CONFERENCE IS FREE to all middle school AND high school students, but we do need to know if you are interested for registration purposes.  Please RSVP no later than Sunday, July 23rd!

As disciples of Christ we are called to be intercessors for one another.  Add a sticky note to the class Prayer Board so we can pray together and/or grab a sticky note and commit to personally pray for that person/thing throughout the week.  This allows us to actively trust God with our petitions and watch Him as He works to unfold His plans in our lives and the lives of others.